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News Guangdong

Trade uncertainties still biggest threat to world economy

Two years ago when the U.S. launched a probe into alleged Chinese intellectual property practices, few had expected the scale and scope of the trade tensions that are still rumbling on.

Hong Kong airport resumes operation after protest-forced halt

The Hong Kong International Airport started to resume operation on Wednesday after chaos and flight cancellations caused by protesters.

Tariffs to upend American brides' wedding dress dreams

It is said that every girl has a wedding dress dream, but that dream of American girls is under threat as tariffs cast a pall on the wedding dress industry that relies heavily on the skills of Chinese embroiderers.

Hong Kong cancels all flights as protesters disrupt airport

All flights in and out of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region were cancelled on Monday due to a protest held in the Hong Kong International Airport, according to local airport authority.

Many tennis courts throughout Zhuhai free of charge

The city of Zhuhai is now home to 141 public tennis courts with 120 in Xiangzhou, five in Doumen, and 16 in Jinwan District. Eight-six, especially at community parks, are accessible for free.

Guangzhou's new cruise port and Metro link to open in November

A new international cruise port will start operation in Nansha, a rapidly developing district of Guangzhou, on November 17.
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